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Waitforsingleobject() Timed Out.

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#1 bjmeyer 05 May 2015 - 11:04 PM

I had an issue with DCM producing an error when loading multiple cards so I thought I would share the issue and the resolution.


We were in the process of replacing old Celeron based computer with IBM Xeon Dual Core servers with Magma expansion chassis running Windows Server 2003. The magma unit holds seven D/240PCI-T1 cards. When enabling the DCM service, I would get an error stating the service could not be started. If I disabled one or two cards in DCM the service would start. I tried swapping out cards, rearranging cards, swapping out magma units and even swapping out identical servers and still had this issue. After swapping out items and still getting this error I looked at the System Event Log and saw this error.


WaitForSingleObject() timed out.
GenLoad.exe -LGenLoad.log returned fatal error.
Dialogic System Service stopping


After doing some searching, I came across this article



So going into the server’s Bios and “disabled” the additional cores (I believe that this just turned off hyper threading since Windows still shows two processors in task manager). To force Windows Server 2003 to only use one CPU, I added /ONECPU to the boot.ini and restarted the server. If your box has over 2GB of RAM, I found articles suggesting adding /NOPAE to the boot.ini.


I hope this helps anyone with a similar issue as I spend a few days trying to solve this issue.

#2 SupportTeam 06 May 2015 - 07:03 AM

Thank you for sharing this.


Can you advise which version of Dialogic System Release is used on this system? Is it SR 5.1.1 SU149 or one of the SR 6.0 releases?