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#1 Hoa Bui 25 July 2015 - 04:09 AM

How I can fix with this error?


"Error 1 The command "copy C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\System\dll\source\vgLib_SayNumbers\bin\Release\vgLib_SayNumbers.dll C:\ProjectsVgNet\bin\" exited with code 1. vgLib_SayNumbers"

#2 SupportTeam 25 July 2015 - 06:53 AM

Are you building a replacement vgLib_SayNumbers.dll for your system?


It looks like an error that Visual Studio gives if you were building the vgLib_SayNumbers.dll project.


To fix this error : in Visual Studio, in the Project's Properties' pages, on the 'Build Events' tab please amend or delete the 'Post-build event command line' entry.


Note that after building the new vgLib_SayNumbers.dll you will need to place it in in VoiceGuide's \system\dll\ subfolder and restart the VoiceGuide service.The new vgLib_SayNumbers.dll will then be loaded in and used by VoiceGuide, and your new/amended functionality will then be available to be used from within the script designer and and the script itself.


Are you adding another language or an additional type of number/date playback?

#3 Hoa Bui 09 September 2015 - 02:21 PM

Yes, I want to add another language. I added new function which is built succeeded, but when I placed the new vgLib_SayNumbers.dll in VoiceGuide's \system\dll\ and restarted the VoiceGuide service, my new function was not able to use in the script designer. 

#4 SupportTeam 09 September 2015 - 02:53 PM

Have you added entries for your new functions to the zSayNumberFunctionsInformation array in the vgLib_Sayumbers.dll file ?


This is the array to which you need to add your entries:

        private SayNumber_WavGenerateFn_Details[] zSayNumberFunctionsInformation = new SayNumber_WavGenerateFn_Details[]
            new SayNumber_WavGenerateFn_Details(
                "Say the digits in the number",
                "Digits to be spoken"
            new SayNumber_WavGenerateFn_Details(
                "Say the number",
                "Number to be spoken"


Then also add entries to Number_To_WavList :

public string Number_To_WavList(string sDigitStringIn, string sSayNumberAs)
                switch (sSayNumberAs)
                    case Function_Digits:
                        return Digits(sDigitStringIn);
                    case Function_Number:
                        return Number(sDigitStringIn);

and create relevant constants:

        private const string Function_Digits = "Digits";
        private const string Function_Number = "Number";

If you can post a .ZIP of your vgLib_SayNumbers.dll project we can have a quick look at it.

#5 Hoa Bui 09 September 2015 - 03:29 PM

Well, I added these entries and I uploaded my project on this link: http://www.mediafire...8jdmh1f/dll.zip

#6 SupportTeam 09 September 2015 - 08:36 PM

OK, looks like reading in the details of supported functions in the .DLL does not work in current version of Script Designer.


The workaround to make the Script Designer show additional names is a bit of a hack - it involves adding the additional function definitions to lib_num2vbs.vbs

The Script Designer will read and shows the definitions from there - but the VoiceGuide service will call the DLL while playing the numbers to the caller.


Note that only the function definitions need to be added - no functional code needs to be included in there.


Please try adding this to the lib_num2vbs.vbs :

'name : Digitsvn
'info : Say the digitsVN in the number
'arg1 : DigitsVN to be spoken :
Function Digitsvn(byval arg1)
End Function


and then open the Script Designer, save your script and then run VoiceGuide service and make a call into system to test. Please post vgEngine trace capturing system startup and incoming call.