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Vg Goes Too Slow (Vbscript Module Slow)

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#1 iTime 12 August 2015 - 10:23 AM

Hi Support team,


(My previous post (the same title) may not have the log attached, so I am writing again.)


As you can see, it takes too much time between actions: it takes about 30 seconds between [CheckTaskType] and [IsHiringRequested], which usually takes about a second.

And there are lot of "timer_EV_TIMEOUT_CHECKONSTATE..." messages in between.

Could you tell me the cause of this issue?


Thanks a lot for your help.

#2 SupportTeam 12 August 2015 - 12:05 PM

The delay is in VBScript module [CheckTaskType] , so the real question would be why is the VBScript in module [CheckTaskType] running slow.


Traces show that that VBScript takes 26 seconds to execute:

200348.908  4   3   1 state [CheckTaskType] type: Script_VBScript, iRunWait=1

200414.200 24   3   1 rem   RvSet IsMoveAutoNotify, false
200414.200 24   3   1       rv    add   IsMoveAutoNotify|false
200414.209 24   3   1 rem   RvSet TTSSpeed, 0
200414.209 24   3   1       rv    add   TTSSpeed|0
200414.210 24   3   1 rem   Run_ResultReturn [success] 7

but the rest of the scirpt runs quite promptly:

200414.220  6   3   1 state [IsHiringRequested] Evaluate ["$RV[IsHiring]" = "true"]

200414.269  6   3   1 state [IsBroadcastingRequested] Evaluate ["$RV[IsBroadcasting]" = "true"]

200414.271  6   3   1 state [IsMoveAutoNotificationRequested] Evaluate ["$RV[IsMoveAutoNotify]" = "true"]

200414.272  6   3   1 state [PlayWelcomeGetEmpNumber] Number Input

Suggest adding a few Admin_TraceLogAdd commands( http://www.voiceguid...tracelogadd.htm ) to the VBScript to see where the delay occurs.


If you have any Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware software installed on the system that software could be responsible for slowing down or delaying the VBScript execution. Another common problem is database timeouts if you access any databases from that VBScript.

#3 iTime 13 August 2015 - 03:32 AM

OK, the cause of this slowness was creating ADODB connection object (below) and the solution was using SQL credentials rather than the current Windows credentials.


Set db = WScript.CreateObject"ADODB.Connection")

For some reason, this hosting environment for this IVR server usually takes long time to create the connection object if Windows credentials are used.

I once tried with their network technician but could not get a better solution.

Thanks for the tip to add the debugging text in my VBScript.

If you know how to resolve this Windows credential validation issue, I am all ears! But for now I guess we are OK with the current solution.