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Record Module Fail - Out Of Memory Error?

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#1 Barry 24 November 2015 - 08:20 AM



The record module in my flow fails. VG skips the module and proceeds to the next one in the flow. At that point, audio stops working (none of the audio files specified from that point forward can be heard).


The logs show an out-of-memory error, but I don't think we have a memory problem on this box:


125550.875  6136 121 fn    SilenceDetectSet(121,30,10)
125550.875  6136 121 fn    RecordFileStart(iLineId=121, iActionID=-512293, sFileName=C:\DPP-IVR\Audio\Gift\incoming\7188891173-20151123125538.wav, iPlayBeep=1, sXMLOptions=)
125550.875  6136 121       RecStart(hLine=121, strSoundFile=C:\DPP-IVR\Audio\Gift\incoming\7188891173-20151123125538.wav, lRecId=-512293 iPlayBeepBeforeRec=1, keys-notused sXMLOptions=)
125550.875  6136 121       RecStart_Iott hli=10C90458, C:\DPP-IVR\Audio\Gift\incoming\7188891173-20151123125538.wav, lRecId=-512293, usDataFormatRec=0x7(pref=0x7), iPlayBeepBeforeRec=1
125550.875  6136 121       RecStart_Iott mode - new recording
125550.875  6136 121       wav header not written. will write later
125550.875  6136 121       open save file (hli->strRecFnameToRecInto=C:\DPP-IVR\Audio\Gift\incoming\7188891173-20151123125538.wav) => 5 (ok)
125550.875  6136 121       rec silence detection enabled. len=30
125550.875  6136           rec max len limit on drv level disabled
125550.875  6136           rec stop on lcoff disabled (at dlgc driver level)
125550.875  6136 121       tpt entries used: 1
125550.875  6136           setchxfer not used
125550.875  6136           xpb xpb.wDataFormat=0x7 (1=adpcm, 3=alaw, 7=ulaw, 8=pcm) (usDataFormatRec=7), xpb.wFileFormat=2 (1=vox, 2=wav)
125550.875  6136           ipt rec with tone chdev=120 iott=0x78e334e0, xpb=0x10c940f0
125551.953  6136           record(4, ...) => -1, err=8193:Not enough memory, hli=281609304
125551.953  6136           dx_fileclose(5, ...) => 0, err=8193:Not enough memory, hli=281609304
125551.953  6136 121       CTelProxy::Event_RecEnd begin C:\DPP-IVR\Audio\Gift\incoming\7188891173-20151123125538.wav zsParam1= zsParam2= (m_pktTelProxyClient=0x6e17d0)
125551.953  6136 121 r     RecEnd
125551.953  6136 121       CTelProxy::Event_RecEnd end
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#2 SupportTeam 24 November 2015 - 11:27 AM

Version used on this system is v7.2 and it is almost 5 years old.


If you can replicate this issue with current release of VoiceGuide (v7.5) and the current Dialogic drivers then we would be able to look into this through this free support forum.


Support for older versions of VoiceGuide is available directly under a support plan. If you would like to try to resolve this issue whilst continuing to use v7.2 then please contact sales@voiceguide.com regarding support plan options. If you would like to look into updating your installation to v7.5 please also contact sales@voiceguide.com for update pricing.


We have not come across a "Not enough memory" issue before, so cannot offer any immediate suggestions related to this error - especially if as you advise that memory usage reports show that adequate system memory is still available. There are no software issues known to us that affect any recording/playback.

#3 Barry 25 November 2015 - 02:27 AM

I rebooted the machine and the issue went away. Thought perhaps you should know that. But presumably "did you try rebooting?" is already part of your troubleshooting steps :)

#4 SupportTeam 25 November 2015 - 05:15 AM

There is no need to regularly reboot machines running current version of VoiceGuide.


There are no memory leaks etc. within the current version of VoiceGuide that necessitates such action.


Hard to comment on what caused the issue that you describe when using the older version of software and whether cause was internal to VoiceGuide or not.