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Vbscript Recording Call (Changing Recorded Channels)

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#1 Maciej 04 January 2016 - 09:52 PM



we try to use pbx functions using VBscript to bridge disconnect and connect.


But we found problem with recording calls. now we are disconnecting bridge and stop recording call connect bridge and start recording call.


Is possible to:


  1. disconnecting bridge
  2. stop recording line no "1" (client- caller)  continuing recording Agent 1
  3. capture dtmf numbers using VG module still recording agent's channel
  4. connect bridge with Agent 2 recording both Agents


5. stop recording Agent 2 or Agent 1 still recording the other one

6. disconnect one of agents

7. connect one of agents with client (caller was on hold in play module)

8. continuing recording call (agent and client)



main idea is to recording whole call (of course only active conversation bridged lines)


#2 SupportTeam 05 January 2016 - 02:35 AM

Look like the requirement is to continue recording the entire interaction with client as the call is switched between two agents, correct?


The approach to take is to make a series of recordings and then concatenate them together.


Does the below correctly describes the scenario?


stage A : agent 1 <> client connected

stage B : agent 1 presses DTMF to disconnect bridge

stage C : client on hold (play module), agent 1 <> client not bridged.

stage D : agent 1 presses more DTMF tones to select next agent/group to transfer call to, and then agent 1 disconnects.

stage E : agent 2 called

stage F : agent 2 answers

stage G : agent 2 <> client connected



You can do a 2-line recording of stages A-B and another 2-line recording of Stages E-G, (with the two sound files concatenated together afterwards) but from your description it looks like you would also like to record stages C-D, correct?


Do you really need to do a sound recording of stage C-D ? Could you perhaps instead just save a record of what was pressed?


It is possible to do a sound recording of stage C-D, but it is not straightforward. (and afterwards you would need to concatenate the 3 recordings together)


One way to approach this would be to use additional voice resources - which would mean adding more Dialogic cards to system. Do you really require the sound of the DTMF tones pressed to be recorded in a sound file?

#3 Maciej 05 January 2016 - 05:24 AM

You recognize my need good, I know I can record each conversation separately. I look for an solution to stop recording only one line, and during script adding or dividing line to record.


In last option we can of course record each conversation separately.


Can I to stop recording process only for one line holding second one?

In start record option we declare two channels (lines) but in stop recording process we need only one of line to stop.

#4 SupportTeam 05 January 2016 - 01:09 PM

Can I to stop recording process only for one line holding second one?


No. Stopping recording on one channel only (of a 2-channel record) is not possible.