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Can't Get My 3com Voice Modem...

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#1 Guest_Christian Frank_* 02 February 2003 - 02:22 AM

I am in the process of setting up an automised answering process. To learn and to trial avoice guide solution, before going for a professional solution I've hjust bought a 3Com modem and installed it on my machine. Voiceguide recognises the modem and but is in eternal "waiting for call" mode. The guys from 3Com supportline had 3 gos allready at trying to solve the problem. To no avail. When call in the modem picks up after 3 rings, is silent and hangs up. It is as if the Voiceguide programme didi bot pick up the signal.

Please help

#2 SupportTeam 02 February 2003 - 09:54 AM

Could you please post here a copy of VoiceGuide's Debug Printout which captures the problem, this will allow us to see what is going wrong.

When running the script click on VoiceGuide's View menu and select 'Event Trace Log' option - any log information will then appear in this window. You must open the trace window before making the call.

If in the trace you see a message that VoiceGuide tries to play the sound file, but you cannot hear any sound it may be because the Wave drivers were not correctly installed. In this case please try removing all the wave drives on your system (including any sound card drivers) and then re-installing the wave drivers for your modem first. Try calling in after doing this, and if the sound can be heard over the phone you can then try to re-install your sound card drivers.

(To remove other wave drivers got to Control Panel, double clock on System, select the Device Manager tab and go to Sound/Video/Game Controllers entry - then delete all other wave drivers.)

#3 Guest_Guest_* 03 February 2003 - 12:26 AM

Hi , this is the call-in log
thanks for your help

82687 0 tapie callstate OFFERING 66201 0 4
82687 0 tapie ring 1
87687 0 tapie ring 2
87687 0 Answer the call
87687 0 lineAnswer(66201) => 66184
87687 0 tapie callstate ACCEPTED 66201 0 0
88312 0 tapi Reply 66184 LINEERR_OPERATIONFAILED [80000048]
88312 0 tapie callstate DISCONNECTED 66201,16384,0
88312 0 ERROR: Unknown State [0]
88328 0 PlaySoundStop ok
88328 0 Hanging up call...
88328 0 PlaySoundStop ok
88328 0 Waiting for a call...
88328 0 fnHangupCall end
88328 0 tapie callstate IDLE 66201 0 0
88343 0 WorkingMode@Idle=
88343 0 TimeoutClear
88343 0 tapi Reply 66167 0
89359 0 Initialise telephony (due to IDLE)
89359 0 tapic lineDeallocateCall(MainCall:66201) 0
89375 0 Waiting for a call...
89390 0 hLine=66150

#4 SupportTeam 03 February 2003 - 09:18 AM

It looks like this modem's drivers do not allow the modem to answer a call in TAPI Voice mode.

If you got this far this means the modem has allowed VoiceGuide to initialise it to answer calls in Voice mode - which should mean that it should answer calls in this mode - but it looks like this does not happen in this case...

If you have already spoken to 3Com support and you cannot find any newer drivers for this modem then I'd recommend exchanging it for another modem...

What is the model number/id of this modem?

#5 Guest_Christian Frank_* 04 February 2003 - 08:00 AM


The modem Id sould 56K*Voice Internal PCI Norme 56K V.90 by 3Com US Robotics Model: 3CP062884A -

Do you have an idea where I'd get the appropriate driver ?

If I get another modem which one do you suggest - again working myself up from basic to sophisticated. I am based in France.

Thanks for your help

#6 SupportTeam 04 February 2003 - 01:53 PM

I am not familiar with what modems are available in France - so I cannot comment on what is the best selection - as a start we suggest that any modems considered are:

- External.
many internal modems have poor sound quality
and 'Soft' or "Win' modems' drivers rarely work for voice..

- Connect to computer using a serial port - not USB
we had many problem reports from USB modems)

- Preferably based on Rockwell chipset.
Our users seem to report less problems when using
Rockwell generic modems...

It's probably best to ask for some help at a large local computer retailer which has a good selection of modems...

We will soon start a poll asking visitors to this forum to share their thoughts with us on the modems which they use - some useful up to date comments should come from this...
(if anyone has any comments on their modems you are more then welcome to post them to the forum for now...)

Ultimately of course a Dialogic card will give you much better results...