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Outbound to other IVRS

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#1 SupportTeam 30 January 2003 - 01:17 PM


I want to

i. prepare a list of number in the database
ii. Dial out to the list of number
iii. the destinations is an IVRS
iv. send the respective keys, which also has been stored in the database, to the final node
v. send the respective key required(such as 12345678#) to the destination IVRS.
vi. record the resulting message in the database/wave file with specfied file name.

Can voice guide support this?

BTW, do you have consulting service/know any cosultant to develop solution for us? I can send you the detail specification.



Creating the above is quite straightforward in VoiceGuide.

Some things you may want to note:

1. The Play module can play DTMF digits - just type in the digits or the Result Varable which holds the string of digits in the 'sound file' text field.

2. You can pass the DTMFs to be played and the name of the destination sound file to be recorded as Result Variables to the script - this will free you from having the script read this data from the database.. More information of how to define these in the DialListNew.txt input file can be found in the VoiceGuide help file.