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2 Calls From 1 Input Outdial.xml File

25 July 2017 - 04:53 PM

I just put through a single test call and it generated 2 calls at the same time on lines 1 and 2. They are the very first calls in the log attached (search for 041).


I believe this may have been happening in previous versions as we have had reports previously but had been unable to replicate it until now.


The call in this instance was generated using an XML file, and I confirmed it was only 1 call meant to be going out. The two calls started 1 millisecond apart.


If you require any additional information please just let me know.




Outbound Calls Stop Working

28 June 2017 - 05:02 PM

Hi Support,


We have a server that is setup to primarily make outbound calls. Recently we have been having a lot of issues where the lines stop making calls out. Once this problem happens, all lines stop making calls out.


070929.166  5               vgEngine version : 7.3.4391.19239 (RELEASE Build)
070929.166  5               created on       : 2012-01-09 10:41:19.48
070929.166  5               AssemblyLocation : C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\vgEngine.dll
070929.166  5               LastWriteTime    : 2012-01-09 10:45:04


Looking through vgEngine log file we found this:


210312.405  7  22   7 ev    generic: ktTel_Completion  10000 0,Completion_MakeCall, crn=ffffffff, -1,0,0,0402826835,,Function is not supported in the current state|Invalid state
210312.405  7  22   7       q scr add   evktTelCompletion 0 Completion_MakeCall
210312.405  6  22   7       q scr run   evktTelCompletion sCode=[Completion_MakeCall] iActionID=0, crn=0[-1|0|0|0|0][0402826835||Function is not supported in the current state|Invalid state|||]
210312.405  6  22   7       OnCompletion_ktTel_MakeCall sRet=[Function is not supported in the current state|Invalid state]
210312.405  6  22   7       ktTel_MakeCall failed. sRet=Function is not supported in the current state|Invalid state
210312.405  6  22   7       Roll back retries update. iDialoutID=785308
210312.405  6  22   7       ktTel_MakeCall failed for reason other then inbound call
210312.405  6  22   7 state Waiting for a call...


I have attached logs, the calls were working at the start of the vgEngine log, then stopped.


Your assistance is appreciated.




Blind Hookflash

15 February 2017 - 10:01 AM

Hi Support,


We have a new server (vgEngine : 7.5.6117.35767 RELEASE options75) which we are using to replace an existing automated attendant. The application is quite straight forward, caller dials in, selects from a DTMF menu and is transferred (with blind hookflash) to a 4 digit extension.


We have tried to replicate the existing system including hookflash timing, however the calls are hanging up when the transfer is attempted. We know transfers work on the analogue extensions as the existing system works (and is setup with 125 ms hookflash), and understand hangup likely indicates the hookflash was too long. However we have been reducing the hookflash and the call continues to hang up.


We thought the system would go off hook with a ! character and then the timing was controlled by the Transfer_Prefix_PauseAfter. However changing this setting, and restarting VG seems to make no difference, we have even set Transfer_Prefix_PauseAfter to 0 and expected to hear dialling of digits on the phone, but the call still hangs up. We also tried changing the transfer to monitored without any difference.


I have attached various logs of our testing and the VG.ini file.


Can you please suggest how to proceed or if we have misunderstood how to change hookflash timings.




Outbound Dialer - Dtmf Detection

02 August 2016 - 11:10 AM

Some of our outbound calls do not detect callers on the other end when they speak. Sometimes the person answering will try and say hello and wait 20 times in a row without detection. Most calls work, but some take around 10 seconds to react to someone speaking. Not sure if this is background noise, VM detection etc.


As these calls are going to people that are expecting them, is it possible after the call is answered and where normally they would say hello, instead they press a DTMF key to trigger connection, vs talking and waiting to see if it gets detected?