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Voiceguide Installation Problem

25 April 2017 - 05:45 PM

I'm experiencing problems with the installation of VoiceGuide onto a new Windows 2012R2 server. The installation appears to complete successfully and the installLog.txt file shows no errors.


However, the VoiceGuide Service is missing from Windows Services, and when I start the VoiceGuide License Manager I get an error (refer to attached screenshot).


The Dialogic HMP drivers have been installed successfully and the Dialogic service is running.


It would appear that something has prevented the installation from completing properly, but I'm unable to see the cause.


Dialogic HMP 30 Drivers for VoiceGuide 7.5 - build 360

VoiceGuide Install Version: 7.4.9


(Both components installed as Administrator)





Vbs Script Execution Problems

15 June 2016 - 01:44 PM

vgEngine version : 7.4.5653.39027 RELEASE pre75

We are experiencing a couple of problems with the execution of VBS scripts for outbound calls in the following scenarios:
(1) When a person answers and hangs up immediately, the onRetriesExhausted VBS script is not executed. The issue is virtually identical to the one described here:
(2) For a no answer condition, VG attempts to execute the onRetriesExhausted VBS script but it fails. (We do not have a 'OnNotAnswered' set). The logs indicate that a temporary VBS file is created and it then tries to execute the VBS file. Unfortunately the temporary file simply contains the text 'notset' inside it rather than the original VBS script, so the execution appears to fail.
In order to isolate the root cause of the problem and eliminate any coding issues, I've simplified the VBS script so that it simply declares a variable and does nothing else. This simplified script produces the errors shown in the log file at timestamp 110627.393.
I've attached relevant log files, VBS file, as well as the temporary VBS file that VG is creating for execution.
I have also tried using the WSH engine as suggested in the log file. Again, the script fails to execute and the temporary VBS file contains "notset".
Based on the contents of the forum post on issue (1), I'm assuming that we may need to perform an upgrade to VG to resolve one or both of these issues. If that's the case, can you supply a link to a recent VG version containing the fix(es)?
Thanks in advance. Much appreciated.