VoiceGuide Dialer is a fully featured outbound dialing system and can be used to implement all types of systems from simple message delivery to sophisticated interactive sessions and ACD Predictive Dialing. Some common applications are:


Collections Patient Check-Up Appointment Confirmation
Lead Generating Telemarketing Parental Notifications
Surveys Reminder Calls Community Announcements
Political Campaigning Results Delivery Emergency Notifications

Outbound calls and campaigns can be be easily loaded using the user friendly interface (see below). It is also possible to automate the loading of calls by using external XML files, via COM, WCF or WebService APIs, or by loading the calls directly into the the database.

The telephone numbers can be explicitly specified, or loaded from a file. Loaded calls can be loaded along with names and other tagged data for easy future identification, categorized using campaign names, and dialed using standard Autodialer or Preview/Predictive ACD dialer engines:


Dialer can detect whether calls are answered by a Live person, or answered by an Answering Machine, and different scripts can be ran in either case.
Dialer can also be used to send outbound Fax messages.
External tasks can be started upon calls not being answered and not being answered after all contact retries have been exhausted.
Call specific data can be attached to customize the behaviour or scripts, or to forward call-related information to ACD agents if the call is transferred to them.
The Caller ID information sent on the outgoing calls can also be set:


Outbound calls are made only within the specified times, and after the specified start time.
The times calls are made, and the channels/ports used for the calls can also be specified on a per-call basis or per-campaign basis.
Campaigns can be selectively paused and re-activated or deleted:


Loaded numbers are screened through supplied Do Not Call lists, and can be modified using flexible number modification rules and prefix addition:


Tracking of dialling progress is provided, with the outcomes of each call updated live on the screen.
Various reports of the calls made can be created and saved in PDF, HTML and CSV formats.


The database holding all the calls can be viewed and SQL commands can be issued directly to the database if required:


Here is a sample of one of the reports produced by the VoiceGudie Dialer.
(Click on image to download .PDF file):



  VoiceGuide Dialer Features

Simple to use intuitive interface.
Automatic detection of a live person answering the call or answering machine using "Perfect-Voice" recognition.
Fully configurable scripting. Client is not locked in to use any pre-programmed templates. The scripts can be tailored to client's own needs using the intuitive graphical script designer.
Easy integration with client's existing databases to allow per-call tailoring of script used and the information delivered.
Supports 'Do Not Call' (DNC) list functionality. Works with full length USA DNC list.
Can specify a range of numbers to call, or poll for and import lists of numbers from other sources.
Supports automatic insertion of new call details from external programs/systems using any of a number of database/file/COM/.NET approaches.
Can transfer calls to live agents from within the script. Flexible selection of screening and call transfer timing.
Multiple telephone line support (up to 300 lines per server).
Full control over message delivery scheduling and limiting .
All call information stored in a log file or optionally stored in any database or text/xml file.


  Dialing Lists
Telephone telemarketing lists can be obtained from a number of sources. eg: