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Please use order form below to purchase VoiceGuide licenses.

After your order has been processed you will receive by e-mail a registration code which will register your copy of VoiceGuide.

Perpetual License:

Professional :   US$   99 / line
Enterprise :   US$ 199 / line
Professional + Dialer    :   US$ 249 / line
Enterprise + Dialer :   US$ 349 / line

For VoIP systems additional Dialogic HMP licenses will also be needed.
Please contact for Dialogic HMP pricing.

For a summary of features and differences between the various license types please see here.
Minimum order is 4 lines.

Month / Year :    /        CCV:   Visa/MCAmex

Orders are processed on a 24 hours turnaround basis (it usually takes less time than that).

If the details of your order have been accepted, you will next see a screen confirming that your order has been received, and a confirmation email will be sent. 



Upgrades within first 30 days can be made for the difference in price.

If upgrading within 12 months then 50% of the old license's purchase price is used as a credit towards the new purchase.