Sample IVR Scripts

Ready-to-use scripts are provided here as demonstrations.

More sample scripts are supplied with the VoiceGuide installation, and can be found in the VoiceGuide's \scripts\ subdirectory.

All scripts can be viewed in the VoiceGuide Script Designer, and can be run using the Evaluation version of VoiceGuide v7.


Virtual Agent - Accommodation Booking
Virtual Agent script demonstrating an Accommodation Booking application.
Uses Google Cloud Platform's Speech-To-Text, and built-in text processing interpreters.
Please see the README.TXT file in the .ZIP archive for more information.


Speech Recognition MRCPv2
Demonstrates use with an MRCPv2 ASR engine.


Messaging / Chat Lines
Please see the README.TXT file in the .ZIP archive for more information.


Message Record & Deliver to Specified Number.
Records a message and forwards it to the telephone number selected by the caller. (Note: If the telephone number is known then a voicemail box with message forwarding enabled would be more appropriate)


Credit Card Payment.
Performs credit card number and expiry date verification.

For information on version which can also perform real-time credit card authorization and payment processing with a variety of payment gateways please contact


Prepaid Calling Card system and Prepaid ANI based systems
Ready to use scripts available for both.
For more information please contact